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The world through word

By Ian | 11 December, 2012

This section contains a couple of poems which I have written to capture how I felt or what I have seen.

Sometimes a rhyme or a couple of sentence fragments come into my mind and then I feel the urge to write something, or I just want to describe something in words.

Some of the poems are from my youth when I had a mad binge in poetry writing. I have been in clinch with myself whether I should include them here or not, as my style has changed over the years, however I have decided to included them for documentation reasons.

A bit of background as to why I write can be read here.


If you like a poem, please feel free to use it, under the condition that you follow the guidelines as in the Use of materials.


I am lost. I want to build, to grow, to exist, to forge, to love,...

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Like a Projectile

I am moving
like a projectile
being remote controlled
to the stars, the sun, the light
only being buffetted… \...

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Something Is Going To Happen

something is going to happen something wonderful something is going to happen this life or next but something is going to happen something wonderful you heard it once, that one note it’s in the universe, composed for you our note, but you took the other path without trying, thinking you something special you go through life, head in a mould as though the world is for you and your kind but you havent seen past the rim and you never will, cause you never try that rim is nearer than you think you got to go there an’ peak then take the courage to open your heart and let the grey shrouds fly, be freed

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Twin Moons

Twin moons, growing To orbit with other three Two heavenly bodies, axis girating Dipping in, dipping out, together Each pulling, flying A jived walz, interwoven A core of love

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The Cake

The cake, as I take to my mouth, crumbles The cake, you baked, yesterage The cake, which rose, as we stood, touched, talked The cake, which browned, as we relaxed in the bath The cake making things, piled, waiting for a cleaning hand The cake of life, we threw together, stired, set The cake of feelings, now swirling, dark The cake - a cocktail, a bar can never mix The cake of longing, loss, sorrow, love The cake, your cake, you gave, half, for my way The cake, iced, with your sweetness The cake, my last, symbol of you, of us The cake, each crumb, a wantingness The cake, each crumb, tears

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It doesn't make any difference

It doesn’t make any difference If your thick or your thin I just want to be near ya Feel your heart and ya beat It doesn’t make any difference Or the things that you say Your wild screaming red temper Or the missiles that stray It doesn’t make any difference Or the stories you tell I know I know, that you love me Just just, otherwise hell It doesn’t make any difference I love the way that you are I feel the pull and the tension Just just, give me your love

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Spirt Of Life

a laugh, a smile travelling unknown tracks on the path taking life as it is testing what comes destiny’s friend always on axis feeling and fighting for the oppressed fighting the unseen tyrants laughing, open collecting friends moths to the sun at night on the run, secrets working, to early morn’ then relaxing, reading with a Sarstedt refrain on my lips where do you go to my lovely when you’re alone in your bed would you tell me the thoughts that surround you I want to look inside your head

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Swifts Above

grey smoke, like silver birds circles up high quest to free green eyes, vain, but not afraid, fleeting love match the tips of the old man tree swifts above, high up, near god on thermics, circle and cry, going with the flow tilting in the sun like my body with yours hard tiles, covered with foreign cotton with love and labour once sewn and burnt elements quickly paste and pushed in the cotton, webbed, fixed to eternity Of stories and tears untold I bleed my feelings in thy world

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That Smile

Opening, a smile. A smile as though the sun is rising in the sky, the tangerine glowingness, unfolds, getting stronger, pouring its warmth, laimė, pure granulated love, flowing, a sparkling stream, diamonds in a bowed path, to the heart. The aura glowing, an energy vortex. Unbelieving, riveted, all senses pulsing to alert, recording, not daring to miss. Oh yea… to drink, to bathe, to soak, in the stream, to capture The Unbelievable.

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And So I

And so I fucked it up alright, me so clever, me so bright
But I fucked it up alright!
The word says it all, explosive and short,
the word as a tool, determined, and thought.
I fucked it up alright...

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