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The world through word

By Ian | 11 December, 2012

This section contains a couple of poems which I have written to capture how I felt or what I have seen.

Sometimes a rhyme or a couple of sentence fragments come into my mind and then I feel the urge to write something, or I just want to describe something in words.

Some of the poems are from my youth when I had a mad binge in poetry writing. I have been in clinch with myself whether I should include them here or not, as my style has changed over the years, however I have decided to included them for documentation reasons.

A bit of background as to why I write can be read here.


If you like a poem, please feel free to use it, under the condition that you follow the guidelines as in the Use of materials.


I am lost. I want to build, to grow, to exist, to forge, to love,...

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Like a Projectile

I am moving
like a projectile
being remote controlled
to the stars, the sun, the light
only being buffetted… \...

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Something Is Going To Happen

something is going to happen
something wonderful
something is going to happen
this life or next...

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Twin Moons

Twin moons, growing
To orbit with other three
Two heavenly bodies, axis girating
Dipping in, dipping out, together...

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The Cake

The cake, as I take to my mouth, crumbles
The cake, you baked, yesterage
The cake, which rose, as we stood, touched, talked
The cake, which browned, as we relaxed in the bath...

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It doesn't make any difference

It doesn’t make any difference
If your thick or your thin
I just want to be near ya
Feel your heart and ya beat...

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Spirt Of Life

a laugh, a smile
unknown tracks on the path
taking life as it is...

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Swifts Above

grey smoke, like silver birds
circles up high
quest to free

green eyes, vain, but not afraid,
fleeting love


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That Smile

Opening, a smile.
A smile as though the sun is rising in the sky,
the tangerine glowingness, unfolds,
getting stronger, pouring its warmth, laimė...

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And So I

And so I fucked it up alright, me so clever, me so bright
But I fucked it up alright!
The word says it all, explosive and short,
the word as a tool, determined, and thought.
I fucked it up alright...

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