25 January, 2014

The Cake

The cake, as I take to my mouth, crumbles
The cake, you baked, yesterage
The cake, which rose, as we stood, touched, talked
The cake, which browned, as we relaxed in the bath...

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It doesn't make any difference

It doesn’t make any difference
If your thick or your thin
I just want to be near ya
Feel your heart and ya beat...

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That Smile

Opening, a smile.
A smile as though the sun is rising in the sky,
the tangerine glowingness, unfolds,
getting stronger, pouring its warmth, laimė...

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And So I

And so I fucked it up alright, me so clever, me so bright
But I fucked it up alright!
The word says it all, explosive and short,
the word as a tool, determined, and thought.
I fucked it up alright...

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As I Know She Stood Before The Alter

Feel the time, heavy,
Weighing on my heart, like lead,
A fixture, not removable, screwed, bolted, welded.
It’s happening, feeling it, right now, or has...

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Feel My Heart

I’ve seen the sun, the moon, the stars
Beauty of the world, divine...

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Who Wants A Girlfriend

Who Wants A Girlfriend
(they kick you in the ‘ip?)

When you’re starting to like them,
they smile at you, causing you to quip


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It Hurts

The door closes.
I know it is you
Just know it
It hurts...

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Seven Days Of Falling

Headphones LED, blinking blue
Reflecting on the screen
Like a life support system
Telling me that I am still alive
Motionless, the green round chat symbol
Online. No 1 or 2 or 3...

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For What I Am

Morning cold dampness, lying low over frozen soil
Mother earth still, quiet
in the icy clamb of winters claws
the second month, when dark spirits are fought...

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