About Ian and the website

By Ian | 14 June, 2012

Hi, my name is Ian Williams.

As a business consultant I help my clients to get more value out of what they have.

I have a strong background in IT, cloud services, organisational processes and can bring structure into ideas for new products, ventures and solutions.

My 6th sense helps me to understand things which cannot be easily quantified and this is often beneficial in finding solutions. One of the side effects is my ability of creating useful names for things.

I am working on several ideas and projects which are focused on services for mankind. Most of them are interconnected in some way, are open source, non-profit orientated, with premium service components. A lot of the stuff is still being thought about but it is moving. You can see the showcase of concepts here.

On this site are also things which I have done in my spare time such as writing poems and I am sharing them just in case somebody else might find them useful.

My background

A bit of background about me - where I come from, a bit about my life, what motivates me.

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About the names

The names Wizian, Wiz, and IanLive have grown over the years.

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