Children Of Loss

14 October, 2012

(The Missing)

subtle creatures, without face
sparked with life, from spirit fed
assemblaged to live
to set foot, another world

filaments of hope, destroyed
by necessity or fate
unfinished form
function loss or tech trashed

no slide, to light
no entry, to mortality
no shock, to breath
no life, to live, as to live

no feeling, the grass under the toes
no warming, the sun on the skin
no loving, the spirit of a third
no channelling, the energy for their world

bodies, washed, burnt
will, strong, unforgiving, to carry on
not to go, not to let go, not to not live
still, and still, be there

a burden, unseen and unknown
a loss, not mapped, but their and there
being carried from birth to grave
gone, as the closing of a book

love, as bond, to mother
eternal, intrinsic
forgotten, but not lost
forgettable, but not loseable

imprint, chain of love, family
woven, to brothers, to sisters
waiting, for love, awareness
to be believed in, to be there, with one

missing out, on life, living, doing
if, what If it were, even if its not
unyielding, the will, to do
through them, the sister, brother

them, not knowing, never held, never met
feeling, and not feeling
heavy, down, something amiss
forever incomplete

children of loss
the missing
the ring of completeness, cut, off, dead
love incomplete