5 December, 2015

Like a Projectile

I am moving
like a projectile
being remote controlled
to the stars, the sun, the light
only being buffetted… \...

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Greens and Browns

Ripening, lady light, red, well,
From seed, grown, lovingly, grafted,
Pottered, lustrum long, being kilned,
Creative, energies, simmering,...

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Autumn Change

Hanging, waiting, thinking
Flecks of brown, sinking
Floating, from freckled arms
Blue sky, speaking psalms
Sun lovers, faces seeking...

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The Dot

The Dot
Small, and insignificant
Ready, to wait, in the right place
Hanging, somewhere, somewhere safe...

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The Man

The Man
Stripped of all worldly wealth
Stripped of worldly functions
Of just being himself
For what is his value worth?...

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Children Of Loss

subtle creatures, without face
sparked with life, from spirit fed
assemblaged to live
to set foot, another world...

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What Is Love

On a summers day, in a shady wood somewhere, near a quiet pond,
a grasshopper asked the frog, sitting on a water lily,

What is love?

a near by swallow chirped in and said:
It is when you feel as though you can keep flying up and up so high in the sky and feel the sun rays on your soul.


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I Am More Than

I am more than an employee
I am more than a servant
I am more than an image
I am more than an engineer...

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I Am Not What I Am Not

I am not what I am not,
And what is not is not what is not not...

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Want To Be Clear

want to read, don’t want to read
want to speak, don’t want to speak
want to trust, don’t want to trust
want to believe, don’t want to believe...

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