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Ever been swept to your feet by the crowd?

  • In a stadium?
  • In a concert?

Felt the sadness of somebody else?

Feel happy because others feel happy?

What would happen if a million people felt love for one minute?

Pulse is about sending a pulse of good feelings, empathy, mutual love, peace, around the world.

  • Once a week
  • On Friday evenings, at 6 p.m.
  • One minute

It is the largest experiment on the planet, sending a wave of love following the sun around the earth.

Join us!

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What's cooking

Boxxd is an office in a box, a slide show in a box, a website in a box.

It is a digital container, with templates and magic apps that allow you to work on your mobile, on your PC anywhere. It is built for sharing - with your team, clients, friends.

You can just download it and use it with a plain text editor.

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Treevive is a program to:

  • Encourage planting and preservation
  • Foster areas of re-forestation
  • Foster the image of the tree and its environmental necessity
  • Via global curating and orchestration.

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In  concepts    23. Jan.

A self-improvement program based on how you use “speak”, re-wiring your world to more joy, success and satisfaction.

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First Circle

In  blog    29. Sep.

Today, Friday the 2017-09-29, we did the first pulsing and had the first Circle in Berlin.

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Moving Pulse° into Bootstrapping

In  blog    28. Sep.

Getting things together so that other people can understand what Pulse° is about and inviting people to get involved.

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In  poetry    25. Sep.

I am lost. I want to build, to grow, to exist, to forge, to love,

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