By Ian | 1 January, 2018


This is about life in general.


When we are babies everybody pours their love on us, then we toddle around exploring the world, trying things out, being creative. When the stream of love from others is slowly turned off we enter a phase of being conform in an effort to get aquire that love. We notice that if you a star you get incredible amounts of love, or if you have things which people want themselves, you get respect, a sort of love, so we learn that is the way we need to go. We spend years trodding that path, of accumulating things, accumulating titles, of being something better than the others, of being gods.

Some people feel that something is wrong and make an effort of changing their lives. Others need “help”: They suddenly come into a series of unwanted events resulting in disaster such as burn-out, cancer, bancruptcy, where they start to ask deep questions about what is life about, an

What Colish is about

Submitted by Ian  blog 30 June, 2020

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Working on Colish and discovering what it is about..

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CoWorld is born

Submitted by Ian  blog 14 June, 2020

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The CoWorld structure powering Colish has started to emerge.

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Colish online

Submitted by Ian  blog 13 May, 2020

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Over the last couple of weeks I have been working day and night to hammer out the basic framework of Colish and to put it online.

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