Use of materials


15 December, 2013

1. Generally

Most of the things on this website (such as a poem) allows you to use the content for your own or commercial use.

The conditions for use are:

  • You have to include one of the following names with or on the material so that the user visually sees the author/creator,
    • “Wizian” for artistic materials or
    • “Wizian” or “Ian S. Williams” for blog, concepts, technical, hats, process topics.
  • You have to include the URL
  • On a html page or a document where links can be used (such as Word, Postscript), the has to be a link back to this site.
  • The printed name has to be visible and easily readable, i.e. the font has to be the same size as the main font.
  • Include the logo where possible.

What is not allowed:

  • to suggest that you are the creator, such as to include the content in a book and to print the author at the back.

2. Partnership

If you use the materials, please send me a link, with how it has been used, with your logo, legal entity name (personal/company). I will consider making a back link to your page/site.

Please send to

3. Unclear?

Send me an email with your questions. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

A link to the general legal use policies can be found at the bottom of the page.