And So I

4 October, 2012

And so I fucked it up alright, me so clever, me so bright
But I fucked it up alright!
The word says it all, explosive and short,
the word as a tool, determined, and thought.
I fucked it up alright

Just a day, thought okay, give a smile and say ho hey
But I, Fucked it up alright!
Should have known not to say,
not to speak, not to pray.
I fucked it up alright

Wanted to be nice and caring, helpful, sunny, loving, daring
But I Fucked, it up, alright!
Loss of feelings, loss of faith,
loss of trusting, lots of hate.
I fucked it up alright

Stomachs gone, feeling queasy, hearts lead bound, feel uneasy
But I Fucked it up, Alright!
Killed the spirit, killed the love,
killed the body, killed the dove.
I fucked it up alright

What will happen, has she gone, bleeds she still, what have I done?
but I fucked it up,
Feel like a hound dog, feel like a pain,
feel like an idiot, feel like a drain.
I fucked it up! Alright!