My background

Where I come from

By Ian | 14 September, 2017

The rational

Born in Birmingham, UK, I was brought up in a teachers household, with a sister and brother, well integrated into the local community. I had a good childhood and after school I was able to run around and spend time with my friends. Although we had pocket money, if you wanted to have something more you had to work for it, so I used to do jobs such as get up before 6 am to deliver newspapers before school, work in shops, fill up shelves, etc.

Finishing school at 18, I won an apprenticeship and went to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Cambridge, which I found mostly boring.

Afterwards I went to the land of Wagner, lakes and Black Forest “to learn German”, stayed there, met a wonderful woman and family, got married, and had two kids, who are now making their way in the adult world.

One of first jobs in Germany was working in a deep freeze storage but then my luck changed and I worked as an engineer helping to build a town in Saudi Arabia, then doing specifications for spacecraft components, had my own company doing IT services, worked for the co-operative banks in Germany, and so on.

Over the last forty odd years I have worked in various jobs and industries encompassing retail, military electronics, banking, in various roles as:

  • architect and analyst (IT systems)
  • engineer (web, hardware, software, networks, systems)
  • manager (products, personnel)
  • lead (projects)
  • coach (personal, teams)
  • marketing (branding, advertising)
  • salesman (outsourcing, hardware, software, systems)
  • entrepreneur

Looking back, there was always been a touch of magic involved in my work either in optimisation, supplying a new concept, a new product idea, a new way of doing things, a new way of managing things, a solution for a customers problem. I realise know that a large part of the magic was due my ability to open up to ideas and “feel” if something was right or wrong.

Some of these ideas are to found in the section concepts.

The artist


As my mother was a music teacher, I came into contact at an early age with the pianoforte at home, and then she enrolled me as a chorister at the local church. When I was 11 I had the urge to compose something but it didn’t go very far as I didn’t have the technical capability. Later in my teens I was fascinated by modern music, like the works from Stockhausen, as well as the architecture of sound using electronic means. The ideas of synthesis, synthesisers and studio processing filled my head. Song writing has occurred on and off over the years, and I have played bands, sung in choirs.


The school I visited had a strong interest in the arts and craftsmanship. This offered me the chance to work with metals, word, ceramics, study the arts as well as its history, learn how to do technical drawings. In later years I have done courses in jewellery making.


I used to be an avid photographer trying to capture that special moment or just capturing an event as a documentary, through an artists eye, for friends and family. Even today I find myself taking the photos at events - more though out of documentary reasons - to capture time.

Fashion design was an area in which I was interested in - not as a wearer - but as to what could be done. Somehow, I seem to have some affinity to fabrics and I have been involved in a couple of projects concerning their use.

3D design, modern furniture, transforming the urban space, creating buildings of beauty and functionality, architecture has always interested me from an early age. I would spend hours trying to design the perfect functional house or go through building plans and look at how things had been specified. With 18 I wanted to study architecture but as the job prospects in those days for architects was not so rosy, I decided to study engineering.


Although as a student, I felt the drive to put together a collection of poems as a small self published book, writing, as a creative process, has been limited to more non-fictional stuff like technical specifications, concepts, project descriptions. I don’t know how many hundreds of works I have churned out in my life. Every now and again, the urge to write something different, i.e. what is on my heart, pops up, and then a poem arrives.


Before main stream science fiction took off, with the age of 9, I used to dream of flying spaceships, long before “where no man has gone before” appeared on the screen. Later technology fascinated me and I use to try to design flying transporters and other futuristic artifacts.

Over the last few decades, my creative energy has been channelled into more industrial paths like designing and being an architect for technical systems, software, websites and electronic networks as well as marketing and branding.

The believer

I was brought up in a Church of England environment. As a child I followed the doctrine and was a believer. In my youth I felt there was something more than this world and knew intrinsically that there is an afterlife.

As a young man I loved reading Science-Fiction and being an engineer I couldn’t believe any more in the church’s doctrine. My thoughts at the time where that there is a collective consciousness, but we could also be part of a software simulation program.

Later on I was often confronted with people who were part of a church, who believed. I could understand believing in God, in wanting to be part of the community, but I couldn’t understand them believing in the doctrine.

Over the last decade, if I look at life, I see a learning trail - as though I am on some kind of training programme. Topics such as Seth, A Course In Miracles (ACIM), I Am Word, The Knowledge Book, the duality within such as the Ego and being online so to speak, tons of others, my personal experiences, and my systemic 6th sense, have transformed me into a believer that there is another living world in which we can live.

I have even come back to looking at the bible and church artifacts - to look at the verbal pictures and re-interpret them from my reference point of view - and they now have a different meaning to what I previously understood. That is why I think it is time for a new church based on common values and information won out of the hundreds of channelled scriptures seen with new eyes - I just call it °One.


I find it interesting that people can specifically say what their hobbies are. I enjoy doing the things I do and that is my life - work, rest and play. I like thinking about systems, the big picture. Music is a system with different layers of instruments, sounds, timbres, with different time zones, aural zones, energy, emotions. That is perhaps why I like listening to jazz fusion such as Mahavishnu Orchestra, John Mclaughlin, Miles Davis (after 68), Billy Cobham, Pat Metheny, Barbara Dennerlein, Tribal Tech.

The Present

So where am I today?

If you read the texts which have been channelled over the last 50 years the message is “you haven’t got a clue as to why you are here, what your are, and who you are”. There is also the message that “You are truly loved”, and you can be guided.

This is totally 180° against societies norm. I like to think that I am here to build something, for somebody, and it should be useful, helping to make the world a better place. However I also try to allow myself to be guided.

Just around the corner, in twenty to thirty years, a lot of the work we do now will be done by AI, robots. 50% or more of the people will be without an income. Who is going to pay for them? The state will not be able to. Who is going to pay the taxes to keep the state going? The robots?

I think it is time to rethink our beliefs and Faith of Things (FoT) - i.e. coordinate them on a global level and let them flow into guidelines on how we live and communicate with each other (nice2). That we should also start building a new operating system, a new “Windows” to look at how society should run itself. A couple of ideas is here in °Unity.

And that is where I am today - with a suitcase of ideas - at a train station on the way to a new world.