By Ian | 1 January, 2017

Every now and again I talk about what is going on in my world.

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First Circle

By Ian, on 29. Sep.

Today, Friday the 2017-09-29, we did the first pulsing and had the first Circle in Berlin.

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Moving Pulse° into Bootstrapping

By Ian, on 28. Sep.

Getting things together so that other people can understand what Pulse° is about and inviting people to get involved.

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Makeover of

By Ian, on 21. Sep.

After 3 years I have decided it is time to do a makeover of my site. The new site had to be more attractive and have lots of other functions. I have built it using Hugo and Boxxd.

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Ye Old Internet

By Ian, on 15. Sep.

The time to load an internet page is going to have a big impact on who is going to read your website. Already now if it takes more than 3 secs to load, half the visitors will leave.

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Boxxd online

By Ian, on 28. Aug.

Today went online.

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By Ian, on 14. Aug.

Creating a website, community, and ecosystem, based on boxxds.

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Markdeep script for documents

By Ian, on 20. Jun.

Discovering and playing with Markdeep and its use in a project.

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The idea of Pulse arrives

By Ian, on 25. May.

Lying on my bed the basic idea for Pulse just arrived and was brought to paper.

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