By Ian | 1 January, 2012

Berlin: A place to live, work and play

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Berlin seems to be the place to live for artists around the world now. Several people have told me that back at home, people want to go to live there. When they arrive they are surprised at the low cost of living in comparison to home.

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Helping fallen people to fly again

Nobody knows what somebody goes through when their company they have been building over the years goes bust until they have actually experienced themselves. The pressure is enormous and it is not surprising that people commit suicide. Some are lucky in that they have somebody who will stand bye their side and give them moral as well as material support - others have nobody.

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Commentary to Just Don't Know How

The piece “Just Don’t Know How” is about the the feelings a father can have for his sons, in my case two great grown up sons.

Over the last seven years I have only been seeing them on and off. Last year I had the wish to see them both and spend a bit of time with them and the wish came true.

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Old poems now added

In the 70’s I wrote a collection of poems which I self published under the name “Miscellany”. I have now added them to this website. They can be found under the tag “Miscellany 1975”.

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Commentary to Bar Spirit

Being new in Berlin, and not knowing where to go, I saw this advertisement for some artist doing some work, so I ran along.

Of course, in Berlin, one should always go later to such events, but I thought something might be going on right at the beginning, so I happened to be the first one there.

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Questioning what is love

I’ve written a piece called “What Is Love”.

The idea came about whilst I was trying to answer that very question: What is love.

I wondered how animals would portray what love is through their attributes.

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A cold room

For a short time I had the pleasure of living in a room in HomeBase.

The room was designated as a living and working space for artists. It was late summer but already the room was so cold that you could only work in it if you were packed up in thermals.

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Commentary to Intellect

Every now and again I come into contact with somebody whose “operative view and processing” of the world is very different to my own.

This contrast causes me to review my own processing and often something rubs off or remains with me.

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The swear word just pops out

Sometimes one wants to give advice, be helpful to somebody. But if it is taken the wrong way or its not wished, and it backfires, hurting that very person you wanted to care for, you regret it afterwards, for days, for weeks.

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Cutting the feelings that are painful

Feelings can be painful, especially when a relationship has no real possibility to grow, or the feelings are too strong, or it leads to questions about one’s dark past.

Sometimes it is necessary to protect oneself before it can blossom.

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