Just a thought

22 June, 2012

Whispery thoughts of time

Submitted by Ian  blog 22 June, 2012

Categories The Arts

Sometimes the ideas just flow when I am working on product development or working on the architecture of a new technical system. Over the last year I sometimes wonder if “I” am being creative or I am just being a channel for the ideas which are “just hanging around” in the universe ready to be picked up.

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Church and interactive pads

Submitted by Ian  blog 24 June, 2010

Categories Society

The church I was sitting in had a new sound system with various microphones, sound inputs, a mixing desk, loudspeaker systems, all connected via wireless. How long had it taken before the church was willing to invest in a system that would improve the “service”. The technology has been around for a long time. Years.
How long will it take before iSheet are overall? 10 Years?

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