By Ian | 1 January, 2016

Having a laugh at new insights

Categories Work

Over the week end I had an insight into thinkMe’s Unique Value Proposition – an aspect of “empowerment”:

“…building people and a better world”.

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What does a president do for a country like Germany?

Categories Society

A petition has been started asking “Who shall be the next president - #Charles4P”

Once again Germany is going to select and elect a new Head of State - A Federal President. Although it will be in February next year, people are already starting to talk about it. The role is more of a representative function, such as representing Germany abroad, signing laws, doing the formal appointing and dismissing of politicians.

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Faith of Things (FoT)

A few years ago, I was involved in several projects where it could be foreseen, that the Internet would have big influences on the way we work.

As the Internet was young, it was a tool for communicating. Then came the world web web allowing us to use the Internet as a massive big library of knowledge or beliefs. It allows us to communicate, learn and exchange

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