Earnings Disclaimer

31 August, 2017

Each individual has the opportunity to earn money by providing services, reselling information and products.

This ability depends on that individual’s will power, experience level in the marketing industry and/or the retail(selling) industry.

To make money you generally have to have a vision, have a plan, work hard, have a quintessence of luck, and get things done. You have to leave your comfort zone.

No one individual will earn the same as another as each person has their own unique mindset, style, set of resources, and the markets themselves vary as well as the risks involved.

It is up to the individual to determine how much they might earn when using the resources available on this site.

Generally any monetary claims made for example in books, forums, sales letters are those made by individuals and although they can normally be proven for that individual, cannot be transfered to somebody else.

Earnings calculations are to be taken as ideas and may not be realisable.

The information supplied here is those of the contributors. They have expressed his or her own personal opinions and these opinions are neither intended nor offered as legal, financial or psychological advice. They are offered in good faith as the personal experiences of people who have found techniques and approaches that apparently work well for them.

In other words:

What others are saying that can be earned, may not apply to you. Their results are not typical. There is is no assurance you will do as well. Your results may and will probably vary.

We, the publisher, information provider, and our representatives, make no claim that you will earn any income using the information, services, products or system.

You must assume the risk that you may not earn any income at all and have losses.

If you do decide to use the materials, please carry out due diligence and consult your own trusted professional consultants (of whatever type) before putting into practice any of the suggestions presented here.

This is a standard disclaimer of responsibility in the event that you do fail to exercise due care and judgment in running your affairs and your life.

Use good judgment when you’re learning to use new ideas and remember it’s YOUR responsibility, not that of the person you’re learning from.